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  Red bricks have long been used to build houses. In recent years, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of construction jointly issued a document requiring rural areas to eliminate the use of red bricks within three to five years and replace them with new building materials. What's the use of it? Only by reading can we know that red brick is so harmful, and only by regret can we know that it's too late.
  So why does the state prohibit the production and use of red bricks in rural areas?
  One reason: pollution.
  We all know that when burning red brick, it will produce a lot of harmful gases. However, most of the brick kilns in rural areas do not have reasonable environmental protection measures. These harmful gases will be directly discharged into the atmosphere, polluting the rural ecological environment.
  Cause 2: land destruction
  Making red brick needs a lot of clay. Where does red brick come from? Land. Many brick kilns destroy the land and produce red bricks for profit. There is no doubt that this will lead to a serious reduction in land resources. If it is not controlled, it will bring serious irreversible consequences.
  Therefore, in view of the above two reasons, the state decided to cancel the red brick. However, after the cancellation of red brick, what materials will farmers use to build houses? The new construction mode of container house has entered our vision.
  In recent years, with the open technological innovation and policy support of prefabricated structure, another climax of wave prefabricated structure has been opened. Prefabricated structure is more perfect in China and becomes the first choice of many people for construction. It is not only urban public buildings, but also more developed rural economic development, becoming a new structure of national cutting-edge science and technology. How good is the prefabricated structure? What's the better? Today we will take you to know more about it.
  1. 可移动的起重
  1. Movable lifting
  The whole box room of the factory can be lifted, removed, transported and installed as a whole, which is very suitable for temporary or semi permanent construction.
  2. 低碳环保
  2. Low carbon and environmental protection
  The case of the container does not stiffen the ground, which ensures that the used land can be plowed and returned to agriculture. There is no large area of vegetation damage in the construction, so we can protect the ecology independently first. 90% of the materials used in the container can be recycled, which is very beneficial to the protection of resources.
  3. Flexible combination
  Modular design and combination, unique, so that each independent unit box room can be horizontal, vertical combination and multi-layer superposition modeling, modern and unique.
  4. 建设周期短
  4. Short construction period
  The product can be used immediately. Before the product leaves the factory, the production and installation of house structure, wall, door and window, sanitary ware, water and electricity pipeline and interior decoration have been completed, saving 30% - 80% of the site installation time compared with the traditional building installation.
  5. Strong earthquake resistance
  The overall structure of the box body is steel frame plus frame keel, which has a strong integrity, and keeps flexible module connection with steel beam and steel column. It can absorb part of earthquake energy, and it is not easy to collapse and hurt people. It can resist earthquakes of M ≥ 9, and is especially suitable for earthquake prone areas in China.

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