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In fact, residential containers have a certain service life, if you want to extend the service life of residential containers, the key is to take some reasonable measures, such as the following basic points.
I. Choosing the Suitable Resident Container
If it is customized residential containers, it is necessary to maintain good communication with manufacturers, clarify their own needs, residential container specifications, design drawings, selection of materials. Material is a key factor, which directly determines the wind and earthquake resistance of residential containers when they are used formally. For a 6K-span residential container, 8 C steel of 2.0mm should be used on the herringbone instead of 8 C steel of 1.8mm of 3K or 4K. Because of the large span, the bearing capacity of 1.8mm 8 # C section steel is insufficient.
After making a preliminary decision on the plan, you must ask the salesman of the manufacturer to inspect the venue. Fully understand the natural environment, understand the geological situation, understand the surrounding environment, understand the local climate. Such as annual rainfall, whether there will be strong winds (above 6 levels), whether there will be debris flow, etc. It is very important to inspect the site. In addition to measuring the size of the site, it is more important to understand the natural environment, formulate the foundation plan of the movable panel house, and determine whether the roof, skeleton and wall of the movable panel house need to be strengthened and strengthened. This directly affects the quality of the use of movable panel houses in the future, which can not be remedied in the future.
2. Installation of residential containers should comply with regulations
In order to ensure the safety and long-term use of residential containers, regular and professional residential containers team must be guaranteed during the installation and construction of residential containers.
3. No unauthorized alteration of slab house structure
The skeleton of slab house is a whole, and once the whole part has problems, it will have a chain effect. If you want to increase or reduce partitions, you should contact the manufacturer first, get their opinions and materials, and then contact the manufacturer by yourself. Movable slab house is the whole connection of light steel structural parts. When users arrange electric circuits, wires and cables can not be directly tied to the steel structure of slab house. Pipes or slots should be installed in isolation to avoid electric shock. After more than two years, the surface paint of light steel structure parts will be aging and falling off. At this time, it should be re-painted to maintain the service life of steel structure parts, so as to avoid excessive rust aging.
4. Disposal of Emergencies
When an emergency occurs, we should learn to deal with it properly. For example, before the rainstorm comes, we should do a good job of draining water around the residential container, because once water infiltrates into the interior of the residential container, the material properties of the residential container will be damaged, and the service life of the residential container will be shortened. In addition, before the gale comes, it is necessary to arrange the relevant personnel to do a good job in strengthening the residential containers so as not to be damaged.
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